Cloud Penz Atlas 2.0 Double Bubble Globe Attachment


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Vendor Cloud

The Cloud Atlas 2.0 double bubble globe attachment is an all-glass globe atomizer that fits onto any type of E-Lips battery, including the Cloud Penz Vaporizer. It's made from high-quality stainless steel and ceramic nichrome, making it perfect for use with any waxy oils and concentrates. The atomizer is capable of reaching vaporizing temperatures within 5 seconds and the customized glass dome allows you to view your vapor production. Since it's an all-glass piece, you can be assured you'll be receiving the best tasting vapor. 


Kit Includes:

  • 1x Complete Cloud Atlas 2.0 Globe kit ( 1 glass globe, 1 atomizer, 1 globe base)
  • 3x Cloud Atlas 2.0 replacement ceramic atomizers.

Note: The Cloud Atlas 2.0 Globe attachment is compatible with any E-Lips style battery including the: microG pen, Cloud Penz 2.0 & the Cloud Penz 3.0 etc.