Source Vapes Source Orb V3 Premium Kit


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The Source Orb V3 Premium Kit is the most powerful extract and concentrate vaporizer available on the market today. With Terra atomizer technology, Quartz Atomizers and Dual Grade 2 Titanium Coil heating element designs along with unparalleled air flow and multi-functional atomizers available to handle most extracts and concentrates.  Not recommended for Dry Flower or very runny oil use.  A solid Stainless Steel casing that also protects the atomizer from any environmental or accidental damage when fully constructed will last a lifetime.


Quartz Atomizers
These atomizers are the first and only to use Quartz instead of traditional ceramic. These new atomizers are available in Single Coil, Double Coil, and Source Terra. The clean nature of Quartz allows users to get a clean smooth flavorful hit every time.por


Source Terra Atomizer Included. No Wicks, No Coils, All Flavor
Source Orb V3 atomizers have been redesigned to provide a larger more efficient atomizer bowl. Source Orb V3atomizers are now 20% deeper and have twice the capacity as the V2 atomizers.

Source Orb has easy to change atomizers inside its indestructible steel shell that can be changed depending on user preference and what material they'd like to use.

The Source Terra atomizer is a completely ceramic heating element that uses a ceramic donut instead of metal coils. Source Terra reaches a max temperature of 650°F‐750°F (compared to 1,200°F - 1,400°F with the Double Coil atomizers) to deliver better tasting hits.
Terra atomizer technology leads the way to the most flavorful hits possible.


Twice the power with Dual Grade 2 Titanium Coils
With twice the power than anything on the market, the Dual Grade 2 Titanium Coils are surrounded by a Quartz bowl and rod for the best taste possible, followed by the Source Orb's crown jewel: the coils. With two beautifully wrapped genuine Grade 2 Titanium coils delivering the strongest hit possible.

With an upgraded Variable Voltage battery which gives you enough power for massive clouds and the option to change your Source Orb V3 atomizers without worry about owning an obsolete product or making costly changes.  The atomizers are easy and simple to replace, so you can customize and upgrade your Source Orb V3 at your heart's content.

The Source Orb V3 Premium Kit includes:

  • (1) Source Orb Variable Voltage eGo Twist Battery adjusts from 3.2 volts - 4.8 volts
  • (1) Source Orb V3 Attachment
  • (1) eGo Charging Cable
  • (1) USB Wall Charger
  • (1) SourceVapes Silicone Non Stick Concentrate Container
  • (1) Premium Dabbing Tool
  • (1) Source 10cig Wax Attachment
  • (1) Source Orb V3 Quartz Single Coil Atomizer
  • (1) Source Orb V3 Quartz Double Coil Atomizer
  • (1) Source Orb V3 Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer
  • (1) Source Orb V3 Wicked Double Coil Atomizer
  • (1) Source Orb V3 Dry Herb Baker Atomizer
  • (1) Source Orb V3 Dry Herb Hitter Atomizer
  • (1) Source Orb Terra Ceramic Donut Atomizer (Requires Variable Voltage Battery)

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