The Creamery


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Type E-Juice

The Creamery Flavours:

Blueberry Swirl -Wild blueberries in a rich cheesecake with graham cracker crust topped with a sweet cream.

Strapple jubilee -Ripe strawberries and red delicious apples perfectly mixed in rich ice cream.

Coffee Break - Dark roast coffee cake topped with French vanilla ice cream.

Cactus juice -Bavarian style cream infused with ripe pear and Arizona cactus.

Fruit Medley -A rich Vienna cream stirred into a delightful fruit cocktail.

Melon Bomb - Crisp ripe watermelon complimented with a blend of Bavarian and vanilla creams.

Candy Land - Chewy red licorice blended with French vanilla ice cream.

Tiger Tail -A blend of navel and blood oranges set in vanilla ice cream with a hint of licorice.

Hawaiian Harvest -Exotic coconut and sweet pineapple with a blend of smooth creams.

Strengths (mg):0,  3, 6, 12,