Urine Luck Detoxifying Additive
Urine Luck Detoxifying Additive

Urine Luck Detoxifying Additive

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  • Perfect For Laboratory Administered Tests

    For Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry (laboratory) testing only. Urineluck is not useful for instant screens because it needs time to destroy the toxin metabolites in your urine sample. Pre employment nicotine tests are often GC/MS and submitted in a laboratory.

    Other additives only work on instant tests. This is a huge problem. These urine additives are often over $100 and give lackluster results. Our additive works on laboratory tests and is based on real science that has been developed over the span of 25+ years.

    GC/MS testing breaks down the sample, allowing lab personnel to isolate specific toxins in your urine. Urine luck destroys the toxin metabolites, leaving your sample totally clean.

    It is widely known that labs conduct adulterant testing on samples to determine if they’ve been tampered with. To combat this issue, we have developed a formula that is self destroying. The second vial destroys the first vial after all toxin metabolites have been destroyed. You can rest assured that Urineluck will always be undetectable because we update it on a regular basis.

    Urineluck protects your privacy by allowing you to pass a nicotine test on very short notice. The two small vials are extremely easy to conceal and take only seconds to use.

    Heavy smokers will love the fact that they can test clean from toxins at a moment’s notice. Spectrum Labs makes sure to test every batch of Urineluck in order to determine its effectiveness. We do a chemical analysis of each batch. Our manufacture test is way beyond what the typical urine testing lab will ever do.

    We will ensure that you get the highest quality additive ever put on the market.

    You can buy Urine Luck when fake pee just isn’t an option. Some people can’t get to a microwave to heat Quick Fix or have enough time to drink a Quick Clear detox drink. If you want to get a negative result on your nicotine test and are a heavy smoker with no time to prepare, Urineluck is
    the way to go.

    What about the other urine additives on the market?

    We are the original inventors of the urine testing additive. Developed in 1992, we have updated the formula multiple times in order to keep one step ahead of adulterant testing technology. No other product on the market can compare to the effectiveness of Urineluck.

    Some people will use bleach, lye or ammonia to try and fool the nicotine test. The biggest issue with these chemicals (besides being dangerous to handle) is that they’re all detectable by a cheap adulterant test strip. After checking the urine sample for temperature, labs often check for these household chemicals. Urine Luck is undetectable, and contains no acids, Glutaraldehyde, nitrites, or pyridine.

    Isn’t Quick Fix Synthetic Urine the best option?

    Absolutely. If you have time to prepare Quick Fix, we recommend using it over our Urineluck product. It is extremely foolproof. The problem is that you may not always know that you’re being tested.

    If an employer suspects you of being a smoker, they may want to pull you for a random nicotine test. You can easily keep Urineluck in your pocket or wallet and pull it out at a moment’s notice. We’ve even heard of some people sewing a small concealment pocket in their work boots just to store our additive.

    Why does a product like this exist in the first place?

    Because some people just can’t stop smoking (cigarettes) but need to keep a steady job. More and more often, employers will test for nicotine in order to disqualify job applicants.

    With vape use being a popular thing right now, even more nicotine tests are being carried out. Not hiring smokers means no smoke breaks and less sick days. We created a line of products to combat nicotine testing and help protect your privacy.

    What about other types of tests?

    Our products should NOT be used for any illegal purposes. Urineluck shouldn’t be used on any cheap instant screens. Because it could take up to 90 minutes to destroy the toxin metabolites (like nicotine) it should only be used when submitting your urine sample at a laboratory.

    Most pre employment tests will be lab (split) tests that are submitted at a testing facility. If your employer is making people take instant tests, they should really reconsider. Instant tests are prone to failure and really require a control sample in order to be accurate.

    You might want to recommend that they purchase our Quick Test plus product if they’re insistent on instant tests. Quick Test is the only instant test on the market that is verifiable with a control sample.

    Patent Protection Notice: This product has been issued a patent by and is afforded the rights and protections of the United States Patent Office. U.S. Patent #7,045,098.

    Product not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws. Not recommended for instant screens. This product cannot be shipped to residents of KY, IL, or NJ. UPC: 674008190508


    Shake both vials and add entire contents of both vials, one at a time, to 2-3 ounce(s) (60-90 ml) of sample. Always add Urine Luck™ AFTER you’ve filled the cup with your urine sample. Never add Urine Luck™ first! For best results urinate 2-3 times before use. Eat and drink normally, do not skip meals, and do not drink more than 10 ounces of fluids per hour on day of use.

    Note: Current Urine Luck™ formulas are 8.0-218 and above. Use only current formulations (8.0-218 and above). Old formulations can be exchanged free of charge. See our Exchange policy for details. Please check this web site periodically for the latest product formulation.


    Do not take internally. Do Not Drink. Avoid contact with skin, may cause irritation; flush affected area with large amounts of water. Temporary discoloration may occur. Do not store in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to air will destroy product: do not open product until day of use. We cannot ship this product to KY, NJ, UT or outside the Continental U.S.