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Twelve Monkeys Free Base

Twelve Monkeys Free Base

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HAKUNA A fine selection of juicy and delectable apples, handpicked straight from the sacred branches of the jungle. Fuji and Granny Smith apples work in perfect harmony to create this refreshingly balanced blend, with a light Cranberry finish.

KANZI Stimulate your taste buds because this original blend of decadent strawberries, ripe watermelon and sweet kiwi.

MANGABEYS Pineapple, Mango & Guava

MATATA Like the song, you’ll have no worries with this sweet grape and ripe apple mixture that has been reinvented.

PURIS Featuring a delightful aromatic blend of succulent, ripe peaches, followed by a refreshing citrus punch, Puris is a revitalizing vape that is great for any time of day

TROPIKA –  Tropika is an ancient and classic juice. One of the first exotic fruit blends of papaya, passion fruit and lychee.  

QUEEN SOKO - This extremely fresh blend of carefully handpicked strawberries mixed with subtle melodic tones of lemon citrus will have you wanting more!

JUNGLE SECRETES - Relish in the juices of mouth-watering tropical mangos, perfectly balanced with rejuvenating and bright lychee note

GATTAGO - Gattago is a tribute to two of our popular grape flavours; Galago and Matata! Featuring main notes of delicious white grapes.

LEMUR (Menthol) - The Lemurs have just the right fix for those hot days in the jungle. Tangy lime and lemon intermingle in wonderful synergy! Smooth citrus notes on the inhale and a light, gently cooled exhale.

HARAMBAE - Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Lemon, Lime & Guava

CIRCLE OF LIFE - Enjoy mouthfuls of sweet nectar as heavenly slices of succulent and delicious pear leave your taste buds in a sensational pear-adise. 

BLISS - Enjoy a moment of BLISS with bright citrus notes harvested from nearby orange trees, fused together with slices of succulent pineapples, all the while indulging in the heavenly bites of exotic mangos!

HAVEN - The sweet and bold juices from matured grapes produced by the luscious fruit fields were meticulously blended with delectable crisp apples followed by celestial pear slices to form a divine concoction called HAVEN!

SHOKU - Twelve Monkeys: Origins Shoku Raspberry & Strawberry & Passion Fruit Inspired by the Swahili word for passion, Tribe12M has created this melodic blend for the berry lovers! Primary notes of raspberry and strawberry, finished off with a juicy kiss of passion fruit. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30

SAIMIRI - Twelve Monkeys: Origins Saimiri A special treasure from deep within the Tribe12M jungles. Succulent, ripe strawberries gently dipped in a light coconut cream. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30

PATA PIPES - Twelve Monkeys: Origins Patas Pipe Not just the ordinary pipe, Patas packing something special! Full bodied tobacco, topped with a small scoop of creamy vanilla and sprinkled with rich chocolate. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30

PAPIO - Twelve Monkeys: Origins Papio Heyo, it's Papio! A juicy and vibrant pineapple for your all day vaping pleasure! Experience the bright and balanced notes that will keep you thinking of the sunny shores all day long. VG to PG Ratio: 70/30