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Kapow E-Liquid is a new brand of sweet and super flavorful e-juices. Get an instant punch of flavor in your face with every hit of Kapow!

STICK IT - Stick It E-Liquid by Kapow is a juicy watermelon flavour blasted with sweet plump strawberries for double the juiciness on your taste-buds! Stick it right in your vape tank or pod, this scrumptious blend of fruits is sure to make your flavour buds pop from cravings!

ROCKET SHIP - Rocket Ship E-Liquid is a classic red, white and blue frozen rocket delight. With notes of cherry and blue raspberry.

RAINBOW EXPRESS - Rainbow Express E-Liquid is a phenomenal mixture of your favorite frozen rainbow delicacy! A refreshing exhale is accompanied by a splash of raspberry, pineapple, lime, and orange.

FLOSSIN - Flossin E-Liquid by Kapow is a sweet, sticky, puffy goodness that will take you down memory lane! To take it to the next level, we packed it with strawberries and raspberries 

Strappy - a definite “POW!” on your taste buds. Freshly picked tart and crisp green apple goodness, covered in a sweet red strawberry coating. A delicious treat with double the flavor!

Tropical - not your typical creamy orange dessert. This e-juice has added notes of delicious tropical mangoes, on top of tangy oranges, with a zap of lemon and a hint of cream for an added “POW!” to this classic mix of mouth watering flavor.

 Off Route - The ultimate in nostalgia, taking you off your typical route and onto new fizzy destinations. This is not cola but if you're clever, we think you will get to the ROOT of it and "CRACK" the secret of what this sweet bubbly flavour.





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