Arizer Solo 1 Vaporizer
Arizer Solo 1 VaporizerArizer Solo 1 Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 1 Vaporizer

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Looking for a case to fit your new vaporizer and all of its accessories!? Check out the Zues Armor Vaporizer Carrying Case.This low key vaporizer carrying case features a large front storage pouch for your vaporizer and many other slots for your grinder and accessories.


Product Features:
Easy to Use
Compact and Lightweight Design
Completely Portable - No Cords or Wires
High Quality Lithium Ion Battery - 3 Hours of Continuous Use!
LED Temperature Control System
Utilizes Glass instead of Plastic
Lifetime Warranty

Accessories (Included):
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Potpourri Dish
2 x Diffusing Glass Tubes (1 Straight, 1 Bent)
1 x Aromatherapy Sample
1 x Grinder ( BONUS )
3 x Smelly Proof No Smell Storage Bags ( BONUS )

Arizer has done it again! Introducing the all new Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer. This highly-advanced unit is one of the most popular portable handheld units available today. Its highly-advanced compact design is not only small and discreet but super sturdy and reliable, weighing less than 2 lbs! Unlike other vaporizers the Arizer Solo runs of its very own long lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery. That means no need for butane or AA or AAA batteries! Simply plug in the wall adapter directly into the unit and begin charging for a long lasting charge that can last you up to 3 hours of continuous use unlike any other battery powered vape! This unit is 100% portable and requires absolutely no wires or cords attached to it during vaporization. The unit comes equipped with a LED temperature control system that allows its users to set it to one of the 7 preset heating temperatures (heats up within 2 mins) for the ultimate vaporizing experience. Like all Arizer products, Arizer uses only the highest quality components and materials such as borosilicate glass parts and ceramic heating chamber. No plastic or vinyl tubing. The extra-wide herbal chamber allows for more hot air to pass over the herbs and is a perfect fit for users who are looking to really "taste" the vapor from their favorite aromatherapy blends.