AtmosRx Optimus Cartridge for Liquids


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Vendor Atmos

The Atmos Optimus Cartridge / Oil Attachment is quite simply the ultimate tool to be used with all oils and concentrates. The measuring scale lets you see the amount of oil remaining. The unique heating element in the chamber heats up your oils evenly and neatly, no worries of leakage or dripping.

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BC Vapor & AtmosRx limited warranty only covers replacement of UNUSED defective parts for thirty (30) days from the original date of purchase. Due to the hygienic nature of Heating Chambers/Cartridges once the product is used, there is no warranty coverage or replacement available for these parts. The Heating Chambers/Cartridges/Attachments are disposable parts, in which commonly used herbs, or liquids are placed. After 30 days AtmosRX® manufacturer offers a one year limited replacement program for the Battery, USB, Ceramic Heating Chamber dealt directly with AtmosRx company. Fees may apply.