Boston Baked Beans - Candy Coated Peanuts 4.3 OZ
Boston Baked Beans - Candy Coated Peanuts 4.3 OZBoston Baked Beans - Candy Coated Peanuts 4.3 OZ

Boston Baked Beans - Candy Coated Peanuts 4.3 OZ

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Don't like beans, but your mom makes you eat them? No problem! Tell her you're eating your beans and enjoy Boston Baked Beans. Okay no, not real beans but they're delicious! Boston Baked Beans are candy-coated peanuts, which also provide protein! So, enjoy your different source of protein with a little bit of sweetness. Boston Baked Beans Candy Coated Peanuts, 4.3-oz Theatre Box: Sweet and salty flavor with a satisfying crunch. Can be enjoyed at almost any time. Excellent for trips, picnics, packed lunches and movie nights with friends and family. Made the way they've always been made, since 1924.
  • BOSTON BAKED BEANS: These classic candy-coated peanuts have an irresistible crunch. Boston Baked Beans aren’t really beans; they’re candy-coated peanuts, made the way they’ve always been. Wicked good
  • SWEET AND SALTY: The Original Boston Baked Beans sweet and salty candy has provided a tasty candy treat. Capitalizing on simplicity, it seals in freshness with its sugar-coated goodness.
  • ENJOY ON THE GO: Boston Baked Beans Candy is available in a 4.3-oz theater box that's easy to enjoy while on the go. Pack these in with a lunch, or just keep them on hand for movie nights or any time you want a sweet treat during the day
  • NOT REALLY BEANS: Boston Baked Beans Candies aren't really beans, they're a hard candy with peanuts in the middle. These hard candy-coated peanuts are made the way they have always been made, since 1924.
  • ADD THEM IN: Satisfy your sweet and crunchy cravings with Boston Baked Beans, a perfect treat to share with friends, family and coworkers. Add to popcorn or your favorite trail mix for a delicious treat.



Assembled Product Weight

4.3 oz

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

5.50 x 2.75 x 0.81 Inches