KangerTech EVOD 2 Starter Kit


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Vendor KangerTech

Brand name KangerTech Evod II

Difference between the Evod and Evod II kits is the clearomizer and spare coil heads. Evod is a single coil and the Evod II is a dual coil, this gives the Evod II a warmer thick vapor production. The Evod II clearomizer also comes with a detachable stainless steel drip tip unlike the Evod clearomizer the mouth piece is plastic and is attached to the main body of the clearomizer.

Mid range kit suitable for both beginners and intermediate users.

E-VOD Battery:
- 650mAh high-quality EGO battery with chrome thread
- Gold/Silver button (quite different with other buttons)
- White light
- Chrome battery tip connector

E-VOD II Clearomizer:
- 1.5ml capacity
- 1.5 ohm dual bottom coil head


  •  (2) 650mAh EGO battery
  •  (2) Clearomizer
  •  (1) Wall adapter
  •  (1) USB charger
  •  (5) Evod II Replaceable Coil Head
  • (1) Manual