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APPLE SOURS - A nostalgic favourite with a kick. Sweet apple balanced with a punchy sour finish. 

CHERRY RASPBERRY - A blast of berry paired with a hint of magic to blow your mind.

FRESH TROUBLE - It's so good you'll be chewing your clouds. The iconic flavour of tuck shop bubble-gum.

HEISEN-LADY - Cool, crisp menthol flavor with a sweet-tart berry edge, this lady will bring you a refreshing fruity blend which is irresistible!

LEMON DELIGHT - Lemon Tart eJuice by Dinner Lady is a sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust.

ORIGINAL STRAWBERRY -  A strawberry macaroon with just the right amount of sweetness combined with cream, almonds and coconut to fulfill your heart's desire.

STRAWBERRY LEMON - Strawberries smashed with ice and dropped into a cloudy lemonade, bursting at the seams with sharp lemony goodness.

TROPICAL FRUITS - A mixture of sharp pineapple, sweet guava and smooth cream complement throughout for a layered e-liquid.

WATERMELON - Everyone will want a slice. Refreshing watermelon with a sweet and fizzy twist.

KIWI MELON (MELON TWIST) -  Seriously twisted melon, but with what? Let your taste buds figure it out.

STRAWBERRY COCONUT (PINK WAVE) -Lemon, Coconut, Ripe Strawberries

REAL CLASSIC (FIZZY SHADES) -  Deliciously authentic cola with a twist of lemon served on the rocks, guaranteed to quench your vaping thirst. Salt Nic version.

MIXED FRUIT (SWEET FUSION) - Mixed Fruit (Sweet Fusion) by Dinner Lady Tuck Shop E-Liquid - A burst of chewy fruits. This multicoloured sweet sensation is sure to excite your taste buds.

LEMON CITRUS (LEMON FIZZ) - The classic lemon boiled sweet. Enter a citrus explosion of sour and tangy goodness.