Highly Educated - InfiniTi Enail Adapter & Head


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This package transforms your Highly Educated InfiniTi Nail into a versatile E-nail component. The package comes with the Highly Educated InfiniTi Adapter and the Highly Educated OG E-Nail Insert replacement head which was featured with the original Highly Educated E-nail units. The OG E-nail head fits coils with an inside diameter of 16 mm (0.625") and a maximum coil height of 12.7 mm (0.5"). The two separate pieces assemble to hold the coil safely in place; the adapter is then attached to the Highly Educated InfiniTi nails threaded tube for maximum joint compatibility. The Highly Educated InfiniTi nail (sold separately) is 14/18 mm male/female universal.

E-Nail/InfiniTi Adapter & Head features:

  • OG E-nail Head Titanium Nail by Highly Educated
  • InfiniTi Adapter (Highly Educated Engrave)
  • Compatible with 14/18 mm Male/ Female Glass on Glass Joints
  • Dish Design: Kings Moat
  • Dish Diameter: .865 in (21.97 mm)
  • Dish Volume: 780.02 mm3
  • Material: Grade 2 Titanium
  • Weight: 25.3 grams (with head)
  • Polished Easy to Clean Surface
  • Made in the USA

Brand: Highly Educated™
Color: Titanium
Size: 14/18mm