Ionix T101 Desktop Vaporizer


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The IONIX T101 is a semi-portable vaporizer made for the tabletop or carrying in a backpack. The product is easy to use, made for any tolerance level, and can be easily cleaned. While an oil rig can take minutes to get going, the IONIX requires no torch or messy tools, and is ready in seconds. The product has a familiar form, groundbreaking technology, and unmatched airflow. the IONIX provides instant torchless dabs and three levels of intensity in seconds.


  • Base
  • Battery unit
  • Borosilicate Mouthpiece
  • Cleaning spoon
  • 12 pack replacement coils
  • microUSB Cable
  • and wall charger
  • Height: 11", Base width: 4"
  • 3 atomizers = 3x the vapor
  • Fire one, two or three atomizers at a time!
  • Atomizers heat in 5 seconds
  • Glass mouthpice made with 4mm borosilicate glass
  • Vented base gives smooth draw
  • Includes: Wall charger, Micro USB charging cable, stainless steel dab tool, 12 atomizer replacements, custom fitted foam cushion box.
  • Lithium Ion battery outlasts nearly every other vape
  • One year manufacturer's warranty on battery
  • Also available in Orange, Pearl, Turquoise, Yellow
  • For concentrates only, no flowers