Lemon Drop Ice 60ML
Lemon Drop Ice 60ML

Lemon Drop Ice 60ML

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MangoRich mango nectar infused lemonade blended over ice with a frosty finish.

Peach - A perfect blend of fresh peach nectar and sour lemonade now served up over a tall glass of ice

PinkThe classic flavour is back with this perfect balance of pink lemonade doused with a smooth chilled exhale. 

Blue Raspberry - Remixed with the perfect blast of cool! Blue raspberry ice brings all the flavour of the original blue raspberry lemonade and blends in an icy kick to keep you staying frosty.

Wild Berry - A secret blend of wild berries and a classic lemonade base is back and chilled to perfection.

WatermelonA classic watermelon lemonade served over ice with a perfectly cool exhale.