Liquid EFX


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Type E-Juice
Vendor Liquid EFX

Coastal Butter - Kentucky bourbon mixed with almond amaretto, swirled with vanilla, and topped off with a subtle splash of coconut.

Lucky Charms - Your childhood favorite! Magical marshmellow charms and  frosted
oats dunked in milk.

Drip Diver - We've perfected the popular square, chewy candy with a burst of strawberry,
watermelon and kiwi.

Purple Hitter - Belgian waffle topped with blueberries and a dollop of vanilla custard.

Peach Rings - A fresh, juicy, peach-flavored gummy

Cloud Chaser - Sweet, fresh strawberry whipped with layers of cream and a sprinkle
of graham cracker topping.

Coil Candy - Juicy watermelon inspired by a famous hard candy.