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Green Ape - Experience the goodness of this mild yet flavourful apple e-juice. Just a right amount of sweetness and a hint of apple tanginess. Take a bite of an apple with Nasty Juice! (Low mint)

Cush Man - You'll never find this elsewhere - one of the best mango flavoured e-juice. An authentic flavour with a pleasant aroma to boost your appetite. A must-try flavour recommended by our most loyal customers. Don't miss this! (Low mint)

Trap Queen - This flavour contains flavourful ripe strawberries freshly harvested from the farm. You'll be thrilled with their real freshness and the sweetness. Give it a shot! (Low mint)

ASAP Grape - Black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits alike produces this delicious grape juice. The bitter exhale taste of grape is topped with the taste of berry to create a taste that you will never get bored of. You wont get the burning taste like you always get from other grape juice in the market. Don't believe it, just try it!(Low Mint) 

Wicked Haze - A mix of blackcurrant and lemonade that creates an incredibly extraordinary exhale taste. Lemonade layer is perfectly blended without overdoing it, creating a heavenly feel. Taste the blackcurrant when you inhale and the non-brackish lemonade when you exhale, you will definitely be impressed at first inhale!



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