Nasty Nic Salt ( BC Compliant )

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Cash Man- Sweet, ripe and from the around the world the cashman brings you the best mango flavour in the market. 

Asap Grape- Juicy black grapes and other berries alike combined to create this delicious flavour, not making it too cold with a hint of mint but leaving that perfect grape after taste in your mouth.

Slow Blow- Tropical tornado is about to hit your mouth with this flavour of a sweet juicy pineapple mixed with a ripe lime giving it that sweet and sour twist.

Hippie Trail - With all the fresh, juicy citrus flooding the fruit stands right now, this lemon and lime based juice is so refreshing you might get goose bumps.

 ALL NASTY juices have there signature : Hint of Mint

All bottles are 20MG



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