Pax 3 Complete Kit
Pax 3 Complete KitPax 3 Complete KitPax 3 Complete KitPax 3 Complete KitPax 3 Complete KitPax 3 Complete Kit

Pax 3 Complete Kit

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Please note: Pax does not allow retailers to sell their device online, but we do have the Pax 3 and other Pax products available in-store.

From the manufacturer PAX Labs come the intelligent, intuitive and innovative PAX 3 vaporizer. A true dual-use portable vaporizer for both loose leaf and extract, elevate your vapor experience to the highest degree!

PAX 3 delivers a strong, pure vapor within 15 seconds, and subsequent heat-ups are nearly instant. Better yet, the latest battery technology powers an oven with twice the strength of PAX 2. 

High-performance from the inside out, PAX 3 features medical-grade materials and a built-in rechargeable battery for a reliable experience time and again. It’s also backed by a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.


  • Dry herbs and concentrates
  • Dry herb Capacity: 0.35 g
  • Height: 4 1/8 in 
  • Width: 1 2/5 in
  • Depth: 7/8 in
  • Heating Type: Conduction
  • 3500 mAh Battery
  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • Metal Chamber
  • Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Isolated Pathway
  • Single-Button Operation
  • Smart Technology

Is the PAX 3 Worth it?

More advanced than the PAX 2, this portable vaporizer is designed for everyday use, especially when travelling. It fits easily in the hands and can be effortlessly slipped into a pocket or purse. The PAX 3 concentrate insert transforms the PAX 3 into a dual-use vaporizer.

Switch from loose leaf to extract in just a few seconds with the included concentrate insert. Achieve equally dense vapor, no matter your material preference.

Heat-Up Time & Temperatures

The colored LED lights provide real-time communication, such as when the device is heating up and when it’s ready. Even more convenient, the PAX 3 vaporizer complete kit also vibrates when ready for use. 

Thanks to its internal motion sensors, PAX 3 heats when you bring it to your lips and shuts off when you set it down. With four temperature presets, you have several options to choose from to personalize your vaping experience :

  • 182°C
  • 193°C
  • 204°C
  • 215°C

The PAX 3 device lasts 8-10 sessions.

Battery Life

PAX Labs provides a charging cradle that’s simple to use. Plug the dock into a USB port and your PAX 3 vaporizer will be ready to use for your next session. Charging can take from 60-90 minutes.

Half-Pack Oven Lid

The PAX 3 vaporizer complete kit has a half-pack oven because you can fill it up halfway and get the same intense flavor and quality from your herb as if you filled it up to full capacity.

The PAX 3 Vaporizer App

Personalize your heating profiles by selecting one of the PAX 3’s Dynamic Modes™:

  • Standard
  • Stealth
  • Boost
  • Flavor
  • Efficiency

Vape aficionados can also choose a custom temperature by degree with the app. Add security and download the latest device updates with the PAX Vapor smartphone app for Android. It’s compatible with PAX 3 and PAX Era.

PAX 3 Complete Kit

Along with the PAX 3 vaporizer, users get extra items not available with the basic kit:

  • Charger and Charging Cable
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Standard Oven Lid
  • *Half-Pack Oven Lid
  • *Concentrate Insert
  • *3 Screens
  • *Multi-Tool
  • *Carry Pouch

Note: Items marked with an asterisk are the extra items in the PAX 3 complete kit.

Come to Our Store for the PAX 3 Vaporizer Complete Kit

When you make a purchase with BC Vapor, we also provide you with:

  • Bonus Herb Grinder
  • Bonus three Smelly proof storage bags

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