Stratus Digital E-Nail

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Operating Instructions:

Digital Model with Knob
1:Turn the unit on
2:Set the temperature by turning the knob as desired.
3: When the light turns off it means the unit is ready for use.

Digital Model with Key
-Up & Down Key is for increasing or decreasing the temperature.
-Power key is to on the unit or to make it on Stand-By mode.
-Press Up & Down key simultaneously to change from degree Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa.

1:Turn the unit ON.
2:Press the Power key the temperature now on the screen is 310 degree fahrenhiet. You can Raise or Lower the temperature by pressing UP and DOWN arrow key at any point of time.
3:Once the temp is reached you will see a green light starts blinking indicating that unit is ready to use.

Models only with knob & no Digital Display
1:Turn the unit ON
2:Turn the Knob to maximum and wait for 5 munutes.

All essential oils have different properties, bergamot, lavendar and ylang. Ylang help to relax and unwind after a stressful day while black peppercardamomlemon and rosemarry revitalize a wary wind. These oils can also be vaporized to stop the spreading of germs and purify the air we breath, thus preventing the spreading of colds and flu from on family member to another. Not only this, vaporizing also helps to get rid of unwanted smells.

Helpful Tips: An air freshener is a dispender with which one used to dispense essential oil into a room or space for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to calm the nerves and relieve stress. Aromatherapy induces relief through the sense of smell. The different scents of Aromatherapy can be found in many forms such as incense sticks, bath cubes, and oil to name a few. These are used differently for different purposes. Incense sticks are used by lighting them, they burn very slowly letting the scent fil the room or space they are in. Bath cubes are used for bathing purposes. One drops then in the filled tub and benefits from both the scent and the bath which is now conditioned with the aromatherapy oil from the bath cube. Oil is used in couple of ways. Once way is to massage it into the skin, benefiting from the scent released and from the massage as well, another way is to use an aromatherapy oil burner with which one hearts up the oil so it evaporates and by doing so releases the scent throughout the room or space. The aromatherapy oil burner is very powerful due to the live flame under the oil which makes the oil disperse quickly. One should be aware of this and not overdo the use of oil as it can get quite strong if used in large amounts.

A word about Oils: Some people are sensitive to different scents and oils can irritate some sensitive skin. Some of the oils that have been known to cause adverse reactions are: Eucalyptus, Ginger, Thyme, Black pepper, Clove, Oregano, Lemongrass, Citrus oils. If you have high blood pressure, avoid use of following oils: Hyssop, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme

Some very popular oils and their usage:

Peppermint - digestive disorders

Sandalwood - relaxes and relieves tension and anxiety

Tea Tree- respiratory problems Lavender - insomnia 

Anå Air Freshener is the quickest way to disperse the essence in any given place however, do keep in mind that some of these oils have very strong scents and you want to first experiment with them before you overdo it. These oils are recommended for external use only. Do not ever drink them or let them get into your eyes or mouth. If such an accident happens contact the doctor right away for emergency help. Aromatherapy is intended mostly to release stress and bring you in touch nature's natural ways to heal



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