Twelve Monkey Salts
Twelve Monkey Salts
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Twelve Monkey Salts Original - 30ML Size Bottles

HAKUNA - Wisely selected of juicy and delicious Granny Smith apples with a perfect blend of cranberry for balanced refreshing flavour.

PURIS Fresh peach, delicious citrus

KANZI - Strawberries, Ripe watermelon and Sweet kiwi

MANGABEYSThis bright and fresh blend of Pineapple, Guava and Mango is accented to have you dreaming about the hot caribbean tropical beach.

TROPIKA - Tropica-a perfect balance of exotic tropical fruits combined carefully to result in one of the most palate pleasing juice blends known to man.

Twelve Monkey Salts Iced - 30ML Size Bottles

HAKUNA ICED The only words we could manage after vaping this was “OUF”. Hakuna Iced is the perfect equilibrium of granny smith apples and frozen cranberries. This juice hits every note, its sweet, tasty and refreshing.

KANZI ICED Stimulate your taste buds because this original blend of decadent strawberries, ripe watermelon and sweet kiwi has collided with an unparalleled chilling force. The result is a fruity blizzard that will blow you away. 

MANGABEYS ICED We’re starting a petition to rename this juice to “Mangabaes Iced”. We want to marry this fresh mixture of exotic fruits like pineapple, guava and mango that has been meticulously blended with ice to perfection.

MATATA ICED Like the song, you’ll have no worries with this sweet grape and ripe apple mixture that has been reinvented with a chilling blast that you’ll feel on every inhale.

PURIS ICED They typo’d on the name, they meant to say PUREST. As in this is the purest concoction of fresh peach, delicious citrus and crushed ice you’ll ever see. This explosion of fruit flavour is a pure treat for your taste buds.

TROPIKA ICED –  Tropika is an ancient and classic juice. One of the first exotic fruit blends of papaya, passion fruit and lychee. But it’s been revamped for 2019 with an added dose of chilled ice to give a refreshing new finish to an all-time favourite.