VanGo Sour Drips Series


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Type E-Juice
Vendor VanGo

VanGo Sour Drips Series Flavors:
Red -Seeing red & tart! That gets you going! Summer favourites of succulent black berries with dominating dark luscious cherry notes, balanced off with tart raspberry tingling end notes

Green -Green with envy & sharp! desired by all! A pleasnt of crisp sharp primary notes of green apples steeped with juicy sweet red apples tones for a deep finish.

Blue -True blue & Sour! Always delicious to the last drop! Notable burst of summer sweetened blueberries curled around lip smacking hardened sour blueberry finsh.

Yellow -Yellow bellied & tangy! it's not about your heroic antics but about delightfully filled sweet tangy notes turning over to jaw clenching bright lemon notes.

Strengths (mg):
0,  3, 6, 12, 18