Wulf-LX Digital Vaporizer


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With an OLED display and several functional buttons on the front, this is the type of vaporizer that you can practically use in minutes after taking it out of the box. Find out more about this new design, what sets it apart from others and why shoppers just can't get enough of it.

While you can see the overall design of the Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer online and before you buy, nothing beats seeing it in person. Made just a wee bit smaller than other vaporizers, it fits perfectly in your hand and doesn't weigh as much as other designs either. The heavier a vaporizer is, the more fatigue you'll feel as you vape. With this vaporizer, you can vape all day every day without feeling fatigued and without experiencing any pain in your hand or fingers. It also comes in a black design and a red design, though both designs feature the Wulf Mods logo.

Using the Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer is so easy that you might use it as your first introduction to the vaping lifestyle. When you apply a small amount of pressure to the mouth piece, it slides away from the base and lets you see the tank inside. You can then put a small amount of your favorite dried herb inside or fill the tank all the way up to the top. After pushing the mouth piece back in place, you'll need to push down on the power button several times until the light on the front comes on and indicates it's ready to go. 

When the LX Vaporizer comes on, it automatically reaches a temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit. If you prefer a lower or higher temperature, you can simply use the plus and minus buttons the front to adjust that temperature. It can drop as low as 130 degrees and go into the 400s as well. The OLED miniature screen on the front helps you keep track of your temperature settings. That screen lets you know the exact current temperature and automatically changes as the temperature changes. OLED lighting is especially important when vaping in a dark room or while outside at night because you can see it clearly when less ambient lighting is available.

The LX also comes with an automatic shut off feature that keeps you safe and saves on your battery life too. If you do not use the vaporizer for a period of five minutes, it will automatically shut down. You will also see a small light on the front that lets you know when the battery is low. This light turns green when the device is ready to use. When the battery is too low to power the vaporizer, the light will turn red. This lets you know when to plug the vaporizer into the include charger cord and wall charger. You may also love that it comes with a larger air flow hole, a ceramic heating element for even heating and temperature control, a cleaning brush and a dab tool. For vaping with dried herbs, few models come close to keeping up with the Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer by Wulf Mods.