Zeus Arc GT
Zeus Arc GTZeus Arc GTZeus Arc GT

Zeus Arc GT

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The Zeus Arc GT is a compact, high-performance dry herb vaporizer that is engineered in Germany, offering unrivaled vapor production with a gold chamber and all gold vapor path. 

The Zeus Arc GT's automotive DNA packs tons of horsepower under a sleek chassis. Its heating capability is 205°C-225°C (401°F-437°F). It’s a good vaporizer to take with you on a multitude of adventures since it’s made for portability. 


Designed with exceptional German engineering, this dazzling dry herb vaporizer has a sleek chassis featuring:

  • Dimensions: 87 mm H x 42mm W x 22.5 mm D
  • Motion-Sensing accelerometer
  • Button operation
  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum
  • UV-Treated mouthpiece
  • Gold heat sink
  • Gold heating chamber
  • Stainless steel convection oven
  • Cannabis capacity: 0.3-0.4 grams
  • Haptic feedback
  • Built-in multi-tool
  • Three temperature cycles
  • USB charging
  • 3500mAh battery
  • Firmware update capability

The Zeus Arc GT vaporizer comes with:

  • Zeus grime wipes
  • Zeus bristle cleaners 
  • Zeus grime sticks
  • USB charging cable
  • Glass spacer screen 
  • Flow sink tool

Benefits of the Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

The sexy and compact design of the Zeus Arc GT allows it to blend into its surroundings. This portable beauty is the size of an iPod classic, but it packs a serious punch! Within 80 seconds, the Zeus Arc GT is ready to vaporize some of that sweet, sweet cannabis. 

The gold parts of the Zeus Arc GT vaporizer serve more purpose than many people think. When the user inhales the vapor through the gold vapor path, the gold balances the temperature of the device: the gold chamber ensures that the Arc GT heats the cannabis while the gold heat sink moderates the heat to produce a cool, satisfying vapor inhale. The Zeus Arc GT provides a superior vapor quality. 

Find Your Desired Temperature

Users can easily turn on the vaporizer by pressing down on the power button located on the mouthpiece. They can choose between three temperature settings. One of three LED lights will illuminate to indicate the active cycle. Because it’s designed with haptic feedback, the Zeus Arc GT indicates when it’s ready for use, so you don’t need to worry about overheating.

Make your session last longer or make some serious clouds with the Arc GT’s various settings:

  • 205℃ 
  • 215℃ 
  • 225℃

The Zeus Arc GT is one of the few highly efficient dry herb vaporizers on the market that has a battery life of 90 minutes, even with switching between the three temperature cycles. The high efficiency of this vaporiser allows users to utilize only one chamber for several vaping sessions. Casual users won’t need to recharge the battery as often, which will extend the Arc GT’s battery life over time.

How Long Does the Zeus Arc GT Take to Charge?

The Zeus Arc GT takes about two hours to charge. Before you plug it in to charge, it’s recommended to remove the built-in multi-tool. It can be placed on the magnetic mouthpiece while it charges.

Why Make the Arc GT Part of Your Zeus Arsenal?

It has upgradeable firmware that allows you to create a customized heating profile. You can choose the best mode for your preferred performance, flavor, and heating. Experimenting to find the right mode is half the fun! You can get a Zeus Arc update at any time.

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