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ZYN PouchesZYN PouchesZYN PouchesZYN PouchesZYN PouchesZYN PouchesZYN PouchesZYN PouchesZYN Pouches

ZYN Pouches

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NICOTINE POUCHES By ZYNThe nicotine content is 3 mg/pouch, enough to satisfy cravings without overbearing intensity. 

The pouches come in ZYN's mini dry format, designed for the most discreet possible fit under your lip and the longest-lasting release of nicotine and flavor. Despite their low moisture content, they are still exceptionally comfortable, thanks to their high-quality, soft material surfaces that are kind to your gums. Moreover, they are 100% tobacco-free and all-white, meaning you can enjoy the duration of the experience without worrying about stained teeth or bad breath during or after use. 

As more nicotine consumers gravitate towards smokeless, tobacco-free products, brands like ZYN are in high demand, selling over 100 million cans each year. Mini dry is one of the most popular format options, as it allows for satisfaction anytime, anywhere, that is invisible to others.

Declaration of content
Fillers (E 965, E 460, E 414), acidity regulator (E 500), stabilizer (E 463), aromas, nicotine, sweeteners (E 950).

ZYN Mini Black Cherry Light
Satisfy your cravings with ZYN Mini Black Cherry - the nicotine pouches bursting with fruity flavor.

ZYN Cool Mint Mini Dry Normal Light
Experience the cool and refreshing rush with ZYN Cool Mint nicotine pouches.

ZYN Citrus Mini Dry Normal Light
Experience a Refreshingly Citrusy Summer with ZYN Nicotine Pouches!

ZYN Bellini Mini Dry Normal Light
Indulge in summer vibes all year round with ZYN Nicotine Pouches - the perfect Bellini-inspired treat for on-the-go!

ZYN Espressino Mini Dry Normal Light
Experience the perfect blend of coffee and nicotine with our discreet and delicious Mini Dry nicotine pouches - Espressino, the ultimate indulgence for coffee lovers.

ZYN Spearmint Mini Dry Mild 1.5mg
Experience the fresh taste of nicotine pouches with ZYN Spearmint - a classic flavor for a satisfying experience.

ZYN Gold Mini Dry Normal Light
Experience true taste with ZYN Gold Mini Dry Normal nicotine pouches.

ZYN Apple Mint Mini Dry Light
Experience a minty-fresh nicotine kick with ZYN's Apple Mint Mini Dry Normal pouches

ZYN Original Mini Dry Light
Unwind anytime, anywhere with ZYN Original Mini Dry nicotine pouches - discreet and deliciously neutral.