How to Clean PAX 3 Canada

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As one of the world’s top-rated portable vaporizers, PAX 3 is a strong device with plenty of punch behind its world-renowned technology. Its size allows for optimal discretion and portability. 

Because the design includes various small parts, cleaning this device requires a little bit of an explanation. The parts that require cleaning include the two oven lids, an oven screen, the mouthpiece, and the vapor path, which is narrow. But with the guidelines from our BC Vapor experts and the right tools, you’re sure to have it ready for your next session.

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How Often Should I Clean My PAX 3 Vaporizer?

It’s recommended to make cleaning part of your regular vaping sessions or as often as possible. If you’ve left this chore off your list for too long, the vaporizer will tell you! 


Signs that it’s Time to Clean Your PAX 3

You may notice the vaporizer emitting a gurgling sound or a tight draw. These are signs of either resin build-up or a clogged vapor path. You can easily check if there is a resin build-up by looking at the chamber. If it’s dark, get your cleaning tools!

nother sign that it’s time to clean your PAX3 is if the size of the vapor clouds are smaller than usual. The taste of the vapor will also change, preventing you from getting the best experience from your expensive herb. If this sounds familiar, it’s likely because the vapor path is clogged. 

It’s best to avoid these issues and clean your vaporizer on a regular basis to prevent damage to the device. 


What to Avoid

Always follow your user manual when operating and cleaning the vaporizer. Otherwise, you risk voiding your warranty.

Here are a few tips to ensure the proper use and maintenance of PAX 3:

  • Never drop, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate, or paint the vaporizer.
  • Do not insert anything other than the herbs, concentrate, or PAX cleaning tools into the vaporizer
  • Follow the cleaning instructions provided by PAX.
  • Never repair the vaporizer yourself.
  • Always use the charger provided by PAX.

Cleaning your PAX requires patience and a gentle touch.

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What Tools You Need to Clean the PAX 3

Your Pax 3 cleaning kit (conveniently available in our shop) should include: 

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Sterilizing Wipes
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Cleaning Brush or Pipe Cleaner
  • PAX Mouthpiece Lubricant (Optional and Sold Separately) 

NOTE: Before cleaning, ensure that the PAX 3 oven is cool with the LED displaying the temperature setting.


Step 1

Disassemble the vaporizer and lay out the piece in an organized way in a location where they are easily accessible and contained. Make sure they are not within reach of pets or children.

Step 2

Remove the oven lid to brush out the loose remnants. Open the mouthpiece.

Step 3

Clean the vapor path by moistening the brush with isopropyl alcohol. Shake the brush to remove the excess liquid. Insert it into the opening located beside the temperature button. Hold the brush in the middle of its wire to prevent it from bending as you dislodge the screen.  

Step 4

WIth the screen out, repeatedly move the brush back and forth inside the vapor path. To verify that it’s clean, peer through the pathway.

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Step 5

Pour rubbing alcohol into a bowl and place the mouthpiece, oven screen, and concentrate insert into it for 30 minutes, stirring periodically. Do not place the oven lids in alcohol!

Step 6

Remove and rinse the pieces. Use a moistened cotton swab to remove any remnants.

Step 7

Dip the cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol and clean the oven and the area under the mouthpiece. Make sure to squeeze out the excess liquid from the swab.

NOTE: Overtime, the PAX 3 pieces and interior will have discoloration. THis is normal and does not affect the performance.

Step 8

Reassemble the vaporizer. Turn it on to run for a full cycle to remove the excess alcohol.


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