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Dr FOG Free Base

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Flavour Descriptions
Alpha 2.0: Refreshing blast of watermelon in a tropical sherbet with a cool kick of menthol
Alpha: Refreshing tropical watermelon
Anchorage Fog: Wild Alaskan blueberry with vanilla whip
Area 51: A tropical blend of mango, lychee and papaya
Atlantis: Fresh mix of pineapple, blueberry, and guava
BC Fog: Sweet and intense blueberry flavour whipped into a delicate cotton candy
Beast: Energizing sweet flavours of your favourite carbonated energy drink.
Belmond: An elegant tobacco for a refined taste
Big FT (Big Foot): A delicious blend of mini donuts, covered with cinnamon and sugar
Big FT with ICRM: A delicious taste of carnival-style mini donuts served with a huge scoops
of vanilla bean ice cream
Bloop: A kiwi watermelon candy
Bravo: Sweet grapes with a twist of menthol freshness
C.B.: Classic vanilla cream custard heated up with a crispy and caramelized topping (Crème
Canadian Tobacco: A rich blend of Canadian tobacco with an earthy taste
Charlie: Strawberries and grapefruit citrus burst with minty freshness
Davinci Code: Forward notes of buttery pecans, complimented by rich crème brûlée
Delta: Your favourite stick of spearmint gum, with a refreshing menthol coolness
Dohz: Caramel dipped donuts topped with Roasted Peanuts
Drag Tang: Dragon fruit and freshly squeezed tangerine blended with the perfect amount of
sweet cream
Dream: Punchy grape bubblegum
Drive: Classic French vanilla whip (Custard)
Du More: Perfectly blended tobacco for a superior taste
Gold: A homemade original, Banana Cream Pie drizzled with toffee, lightly dusted with
pecans and topped with a smooth whip cream
Hustle: Rich ice cream infused with an intense and layered cappuccino
LCH NS: Peaches and cream
London Fog: A blend of classic vanilla and hazelnut, mixed into an earl grey custard
M&H: The creamy taste of milk, stirred in with honey
Monkey Biz: Chopped bananas stirred into sweet and smooth vanilla cinnamon custard,
topped with whipped cream
Morning Tobacco: A rich blend of tobacco, cacao and coffee
Paris Fog: Freshly baked sugar cookies stirred into a smooth custard
Pineapple X: Tropical blend of fruit packed with fresh and juicy pineapple
Playa: A smooth tobacco flavour
Pound: A delicate vanilla wafer crisp, layered with mocha cream
Purple Drink: Bold grape taste infused in a refreshing soda pop
R.B.F.: A refreshing root beer soda, loaded with French vanilla ice cream
Rainbows: Sweet fruit blend (Skittles)
Rigel: Chunks of churro folded into a delicious praline ice cream
Rongo: A refreshing blend of a tart strawberry citrus, infused with crisp cucumbers
Scoops (Deep Fried Scoops): Vanilla ice cream rolled in graham cracker crumble topped with
caramel drizzle and deep fried for good measure
Sirius: Deep fried strawberry ice cream
Strawberry Blood Orange: Freshly squeezed blood orange mixed with sweet strawberries
Supernova: Elegant vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled with a silky caramel sauce
The Capone: A sophisticated and smooth blend of vanilla whip mixed with the perfect
amount of Amaretto
The O'Brien: A cocktail of vanilla ice cream and Kahlua smothered in chocolate cream
The Real McCoy: Blend of smooth vanilla and banana mixed with chunky peanuts and
drizzled with rum
Titanic: Sink into the depths of a rich espresso latte with pralines
Tucan Loops: Citrus cereal with milk (Fruit Loops)
V.C Tobacco: Smooth tobacco dripped with vanilla and a touch of caramel
Van Sin: Creamy and rich vanilla custard, sprinkled with cinnamon
Vanilla Gram (Put-Ding): French vanilla bean cream custard topped with fresh whipped
cream and sprinkled with graham crackers
Watermelon Raspberry: Refreshing watermelon mixed with sweet raspberry