Furna Vaporizer
Furna VaporizerFurna Vaporizer

Furna Vaporizer

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Incredibly smooth and flavourful vapor! Customize the color of your nibs, and oven symbols! The Furna Vaporizer is comes with 2 dry herb ovens that you can swap in seconds.  Pre-load them before so you don't have to mess with ground herb while you're out. Like concentrates?  We've got you covered. Our accessory concentrate oven (sold separately) swaps in instantly and heats your concentrate directly on a ceramic heater. It takes seconds to swap pre-packed ovens allowing you to switch flavors when you want, and share the experience wherever you are. No hassle to clean, no problem to keep discreet.

When you're ready to go, flip the oven to keep your mouthpiece completely protected from pocket lint. 

Comes with 2 Dry herb ovens and all the accessories you need.  Concentrate ovens sold separately. 

Ovens Give you Options

The Furna ovens give you the flexibility to swap instantly between different kinds of herbs, or to your favorite concentrate in seconds. Customize your nib colors and display symbols to suit your mood, or keep track of which ones have your bed time herb ready to go!

Ready When You Are

The Furna Vaporizer heats up quickly and has a built-in timer to let the heat soak into your herb to get you the best first draw. Pre-pack ovens for instant swapping, and no messing with loose herb on the go.

Get the Most out of Every Session

Pick your ideal temperature in 5 degree increments from 180-215C. Hold the button to boost the temperature another 10C (20F) to extract every last bit of goodness out the dry herb ovens.

The Choice is Yours

Our adjustable warming idle give you the control.  Keep it on high to let you jump back in quickly from idle, or turn it off to conserve your herb and concentrates.