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Zeus Iceborn

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The Iceborn is an ice filtration accessory that offers an efficient and convenient alternative to typical water filtration devices. The ZEUS Iceborn is a must-have accessory item for any cannabis aficionado who wants smoother vapor and deeper, more satisfying draws. 

Before designing the Iceborn, ZEUS engineers based everything on their customer survey data to learn more about what people want from their vaporizers. The feedback was clear: people want better vapor quality, less coughing and bigger clouds. In response, the ZEUS team designed a revolutionary accessory item that makes ice filtration easier than ever before. 

Ice Filtration Delivers Superior Vapor Quality

Using a water-filtered vapor path to improve vapor quality is a well established practice, but it’s less than ideal for several reasons. Traditional water filtration systems can be messy and awkward to use, which is why so few vape users actually bother with them. Most importantly, some of the vapor’s essential oils are removed when it passes through water, which makes for weaker and less dense clouds. 

Nobody wants watered down vapor! 

The ZEUS Iceborn solves this problem by combining an efficient design and durable components to create a vaporizer  accessory item that uses ice to dramatically cool hot vapor, creating an unparalleled vaporizing experience. 

Using the ZEUS Iceborn

Prepare your Iceborn for use by filling the area around the aluminum heat exchanger with water. Make sure that the water level indicators on the side of the ice chamber are still visible above the water. Close the lid securely before placing your Iceborn in the freezer. 

Once all the water has frozen, use a short whip to connect the mouthpiece of your vaporizer to the entry whip connector on the lid of the Iceborn. Next, connect the long whip to the exit whip connector and attach the mouthpiece. Now, just wait for your vaporizer to get to your preferred temperature to enjoy the Iceborn experience!

With the Iceborn, ZEUS solves two problems at once. They managed to find a way to virtually eliminate coughing & throat irritation caused by hot vapor. Also, they found a way to get all the benefits of the cool vapor provided by water filtration devices, improved and condensed thanks to ice filtration, but without any of the mess and hassle.

ZEUS Iceborn Compatibility

The Iceborn is compatible with any 6.5mm-11mm diameter mouthpiece. This means that most vaporizers will work with the Iceborn, but remember to verify the diameter of your vaporizer’s mouthpiece if it does not appear in the list below. 

The ZEUS Iceborn is compatible with:

  • ZEUS Thunder
  • Iolite
  • Vapman
  • Utillian
  • ZEUS Smite
  • Magic Flight 
  • Launch Box
  • Vapir NO2
  • Arizer Solo
  • DaVinci
  • ZEUS Smite +
  • Arizer Air
  • Ascent
  • Crafty
  • Mighty
  • V Tower
  • Da Buddha
  • Extreme Q
  • VapirRise
  • SSV
  • Plenty

ZEUS Iceborn Kit Contents

  • (1) ZEUS Iceborn
  • (1) Aluminum Tube S
  • (1) Aluminum Tube M
  • (1) Aluminum Tube L
  • (1) Aluminum Tube XL
  • (1) Bottom Tube Washer
  • (1) Top Tube Washer
  • (1) Lid Washer
  • (1) Short Whip S
  • (1) Short Whip M
  • (1) Long Whip
  • (1) Mouthpiece