Zeus Iceborn
Zeus IcebornZeus IcebornZeus Iceborn
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The Iceborn is a revolutionary NEW must-have vaporizer accessory item created by ZEUS engineers based on customer survey data! From this data, ZEUS solves the Vaporizing Dilemma by using ice to dramatically cool down vapour, adding 2 extra points to the vapour quality score of any vaporizer you choose.*

All other previous attempts to cool vapor and eliminate coughing & throat irritation caused by hot vapor have been with water filtration systems. Water filtration is inferior to ice filtration for 3 reasons: 1) essential oils are lost in the water, making them inefficient; 2) the clouds are less dense; and 3) they are messy, fragile and high maintenance. Another bonus? Vapour cooled through the ZEUS Iceborn is virtually ouderless!

The Iceborn fixes all of these issues offering cooler draws, bigger clouds and increased efficiency in a compact, sexy package that can be used with most vaporizers (please see a full list below), simply and easily.

The Iceborn is compatible with any vaporizer that has a 6.5mm to 11mm diameter mouthpiece (essentially any unit that you can connect a whip to the mouthpiece). Therefore it not compatible with the: PUFFiT, PUFFiT X, V2 Pro 7 Series, V2 Pro 3 Series or Prima Vaporizer.

The ZEUS Iceborn is compatible with:

ZEUS Thunder
ZEUS Smite
Magic Flight Launch Box
Vapir NO2
Arizer Solo
ZEUS Smite +
Arizer Air
V Tower
Da Buddha
Extreme Q

(1) ZEUS Iceborn
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(1) Aluminum Tube XL
(1) Bottom Tube Washer
(1) Top Tube Washer
(1) Lid Washer
(1) Short Whip S
(1) Short Whip M
(1) Long Whip
(1) Mouthpiece